Vegi-San Fruit Salad & Vegetable Wash


Vegi-San Tablets dissolve rapidly in potable water to make a fast-acting salad, fruit & veg wash solution.

Vegi-San tablets are used throughout the world by the catering industry to meet HACCP guidelines which require that all raw fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed with suitable sanitizers before preparation.

Vegi-San tablets are suitable for the disinfection of salads, vegetables, and non-peelable fruit, as well as food preparation surfaces and equipment.

Vegi-San is recognized and proven as an effective, highly convenient, and safe food disinfectant, based on the dry chlorine donor, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC).

  • Effervescent sanitizing chlorinated tablets for fruit, vegetables.
  • Active ingredients act against bacteria and spores. Drastically reduce the number of bacteria that affect the freshness without altering the appearance of products.
  • Very easy to use, dilutes quickly.

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